Office Komiyama
Labour and social security attorney

Small and medium enterprise management consultant
15F, 3-6-4, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002

Consultation and advisement

*Consultation from hiring to resignation (Consultation on use of human capital)
*Proposal, design and introduction of personnel system
*Proposal, design and introduction of wage system
* Proposal, design and introduction of management by objective scheme, employee
evaluation system, etc.
* Proposal, design and introduction of the balanced scorecard

Preparation of rules and regulations

*Planning and putting together work codes, wage rules, child care and family care leave regulations, retirement allowance rules, agreements on overtime and holiday work, discretionary labour agreements, etc.
* Planning and drawing up employment contracts, etc.
*Implementation of labour audit based on compliance (legal check)

Seminars and training

*Seminars on labour standards law for business managers and supervisors
*Seminars on business manners
*Seminars on mentoring
*Labour and social security attorney exam preparation seminars

Outsourcing services

*Preparation and filing of documents based on social insurance and labour laws
*Preparation and filing of renewal paperwork for the new labour insurance year,
preparation and filing of social insurance premium calculation base
* Preparation and filing of documents for new enrollment and withdrawal from
labour and social insurance
*Preparation and filing of documents for special enrollment to workers’ compensation for small and medium size business owners (parallel establishment of administrative
affairs association is possible)
* Preparation and filing of documents for grants and subsidies

Professional experiences in consulting

*Industries: Legal offices (lawyers, patent attorneys, judicial scriveners)
Manufacturing business, It related companies, wholesale/retail business, educational
industry, temporary personnel service, nursing-care service, etc. (foreign companies
*Business scale of our clients: 7-1,300 employees

Professional experiences in implementing seminars and training

We plan and implement seminars and training in line with our customers’ needs.
We have continuously implemented seminars and training for five to ten years through
word of mouth.

Main seminar and training themes

1. Communication training – In order to be attentive and thoughtful
2. Stress management training
3. Pension seminar (for retirees)
4. Training to gain practical skills in social insurance
5. Business etiquette training

Companies or organisations where seminars and training were carried out:

Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc., Japan Management Association, Seiwa Business Support, Idem, Patent Attorney Cooperative Association, Aoyama Gakuin University, Osaka University, chambers of commerce, public or government organisations, Universal Studios Japan, Noritz, Enshu Railway and many other business enterprises.

Career Background of Ms. Toshie Komiyama, the president of Office Komiyama

Ms. Komiyama started her career in personnel at Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., which is one of the leading real estate companies in Japan. While working in personnel she became qualified as a labour and social security attorney. She resigned from the company to gain experiences at consulting firms. She started her own labour and social security attorney’s office and has been engaged in preparation and filing of social insurance documents, payroll, consulting in general affairs and personnel related matters, designing human resources and pay structure, and conducting various training and seminars,.

In order to meet the customer needs more extensively she got the qualification to be a small and medium enterprise management consultant. She also conducts a wide variety of training and seminars mainly focusing on pension and labour standards law for Japan Management Association, financial institutions, and business enterprises.


She has written many books on performance appraisal, business etiquette, labour standards law, tips on working at the general affairs department and interpersonal communication skills.


Keio University Master of Arts in media and governance